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Productivity is not just about the tools, hacks and systems (although, do I love them): It’s about understanding who you are, where you want to be, and what prevents you from getting there. I don’t have a magic pill, and I do not promise you any quick results. But if you are willing to do the work, I might be the right person to have at your corner.
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PERFORM is a proven hands-on methodology to help you improve your personal and team performance. Already applied successfully by 200+ startups and other entrepreneurial teams across Europe, it provides a bird-eye view on how to build a peak-performing culture with an emphasis on productivity, personal leadership and execution. I had the pleasure to co-create the PERFORM Methodology together with Cristobal Alonso (CEO of Europe’s leading B2B accelerator – Startup Wise Guys). In 2020, we launched our book based on a methodology and including 50+ examples from founders and thought leaders from #NewEurope and beyond.

About Stoyan Yankov

Productivity and performance Coach

Stoyan is a renowned expert in productivity & performance, a global keynote speaker and the co-author of PERFORM: The Unsexy Truth about (Startup) Success. He’s a serial entrepreneur with a background in video and movie production, premium event experiences and business networks. His coaching journey began back in 2014, after completing a comprehensive coaching training in London. Since then, Stoyan has worked with hundreds of clients, both – individually and in a team setup. Stoyan is also a co-founder of Samodiva Masterminds, organizing exclusive business retreats, team offsides and mastermind experiences. He is tirelessly working on his mission to optimize and improve the human potential, and create mindful and productive workplaces.

Superpower: Building bridges and connecting A-level performers.

Andrey Iliev

“Stoyan was a very special guest lecturer at Leader Academy for the key training the academy organizes –  Talent Factory Camp. What made me a big impression was how well-prepared, engaging, and inspiring Stoyan was.”

Managing Director, Leader Academy, Bulgaria

Cristobal Alonso

“Stoyan has been mentoring startups at Wise Guys for past 18 months. He is always an inspirational speaker, allowing startups to enlarge their vision from the day2day to their dreams and passions.”

CEO | StartupWiseGuys, Estonia

Eli Zheleva

“For the last few years I’ve been a rather busy person, constantly on the go – involved in many projects and helping people out. Just over a year ago, I felt that I was running out of steam,there were new projects I wanted to join and didn’t have time for them. ”

SEO Expert and Mensa Member | Self-employed, United Kingdom

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Productivity Mastery

Tune in and join me on my mission to help businesses and people get the most out of their time. In this podcast, I bring on exceptional performers and A-players from all professionals areas and backgrounds. Together, we discover the habits, tools, and strategies and what it really takes to master the art of mindful productivity. Tune in and enjoy the journey!

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