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Productivity and performance Coach

Hi there,
And welcome to my page! 

I hope to make “your stay” here worth it.
I’m a productivity coach on a mission to help business leaders & entrepreneurs to:

  • Accelerate their personal & team performance
  • Shape a strong culture in their organization
  • Enjoy a more mindful and happier life

On this page you’ll find tons of free resources to help you grow as a leader and boost your productivity. 
If you are excited to work together, feel free to get in touch, and if we find a match,
I will be excited to be your partner on the journey.

Thanks for stopping by and let’s go! 


Get Stoyan on board to help with you: 

PERFORM is a proven hands-on methodology to help you improve your personal and team performance. Already applied successfully by 200+ startups and other entrepreneurial teams across Europe, it provides a bird-eye view on how to build a peak-performing culture with an emphasis on productivity, personal leadership and execution. I had the pleasure to co-create the PERFORM Methodology together with Cristobal Alonso (CEO of Europe’s leading B2B accelerator – Startup Wise Guys). In 2020, we launched our book based on a methodology and including 50+ examples from founders and thought leaders from #NewEurope and beyond.

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