15 apps to help you boost your productivity
Published on: April 13, 2022

Which tools help you to be more productive?
In episode #99 of the Productivity Mastery Podcast, there was a fascinating discussion about the technology mindset with German Coppola – tech entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Yumiwi. Nowadays, it feels more like your phone is in charge of you, making it difficult for you to finish what you intended due to the countless distractions it provides. However, German Coppola is living proof that you can use your phone mindfully and so that will actually stimulate you to be more productive.

What is even greater, he shared with us his 15 favourite productivity tools.
How many of them do you use?

1. Forest

Forest is perfect for people who often find themselves struggling to focus. The app will be your timer for staying focused for a certain amount of time. It plants a seed whenever you… succeed. Soon enough, you’ll have a whole forest representing your effort.

2. Brain.fm

Another app to help you with focus and tension is Brain.fm which provides music and ambient sounds specifically designed for your brain’s optimal performance. It can also help you improve your sleep. Visit Brain.fm/stoyan and take the 20% off after your free trial using coupon code: stoyan

3. Calm

If you’re looking for a great meditation app, Calm is your friend. It’s filled with hundreds of guided meditations, music, and sleep stories.

4. Endel

Another widget German uses is called Endel – an app that creates AI-powered sounds to support your everyday life. These personalized brainwaves will help you concentrate and also be more relaxed.

5. reMarkable

If you’re a fan of journaling, you’ll immediately fall in love with reMarkable. However, to use the app, you’ll need their special paper tablet – a compact device that helps to you keep all your notes in one place. It even recognizes your handwriting! In the episode, German Coppola showed us his tablet and shared what is his take on its functionality. You can get yours from here.

6. Wondery

If you like listening to podcasts in your “me” time, you’d love to take this to the next level with Wondery. Not only this app has hundreds of intriguing podcasts, but also they have many sound effects so that you can immerse yourself even more in the stories. A show German recommends hearing is “Business wars”.

7. Uptime

Knowledge is power. And with Uptime, you can acquire all the knowledge you need in less than five minutes. That’s right. Here you can find thousands of book summaries, packed in the most insightful way.

8. Mentorist

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” And Mentorist does exactly that. For only 20 minutes a day of reading and playing quizzes, you’ll grow as a person while learning.

9. Skillshare

Every morning, German spends about 35 minutes learning from various courses and classes. Skillshare is where you can do that as well. With hundreds of free courses available, you can have access to new knowledge every day.

10. Medium

What better way to learn than by exchanging experiences with like-minded people! With Medium, you can write and read blogs and be part of this huge community with over 100 million users.

11. Nebula

Maybe you prefer educating yourself via videos? Then Nebula is the right choice for you. Here you can find smart, thoughtful videos by unique creators.

12. MentorBox

We so often complain about not having time to read. What if you could go through a whole book in only 7 minutes? And even better, what if the authors themselves could tell you all you need to know about their books? MentorBox makes this possible by inviting thousands of award-winning authors curate their own books.

13. Headway

Sometimes you feel like you know what book you want to read, but you have no idea which title exactly to pick. Headway makes you a personalized reading list based on your goals and offers many non-fiction bestsellers have summarized in 15-minute reads.

14. Audible

This is one of the most popular apps for audiobooks. From the classics to the newest podcasts, Audible has anything to entertain or educate you.

15. CuriosityStream

If you’re a person with insatiable curiosity, you might be interested in CuriosityStream. Here you can watch many brain-boosting documentaries about science, nature, history, biographies, and anything else you can think of.

Wow, so many apps to try out! Feel free to share which of them you find most useful, have been already using, or are willing to test out! And remember that persistence in setting time for yourself in your day can work miracles for your productivity, learning, and overall mood.

Published by: Stoyan Yankov


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