5 personal branding ideas from the guests of Productivity Mastery Podcast 🚀
Published on: December 8, 2022

In the last few years, the importance of building a strong personal brand has increased. And indeed, a personal brand can allow you to tell your personal story, provide clarity on who you are and what you’re capable of, and most importantly, make you a credible connection that will help you grow your network. And we all know that networking is everything. Since many people either don’t know where to start or aren’t sure if what they’re doing is right, we decided to give you our best picks on #personalbranding from the Productivity Mastery Podcast. So let’s begin! 🚀

1. Ryan Foland – First, find out what you want to be known for

Who else would give you better advice on how to start with your personal brand than Ryan Foland – a high-energy speaker, author, and consultant who teaches entrepreneurs and executives how to grow their influence? He was our guest on episode #85 where we talked about The Surprising Power of the Real YOU. Ryan is the author of the book “Ditch the Act”, which we strongly recommend. 

His advice for your personal brand is a step-by-step lesson on how to find out what you want to be known for. He explains that what you want to be known for needs to resemble what people already know you for. We need to be realistic, after all. So, be brave and ask around your connections how they would describe you.

2. Dovile Urbanaite – Strategize according to your target audience’s needs

 Meet another very inspiring person from the world of personal branding and entrepreneurship. ​​Dovile Urbanaite, is a business & personal branding coach for female leaders and a founder of Barefoot Bride Tenerife. She was one of the first guests on the podcast (episode #3) and she shared a lot of effective personal branding strategies with us. 

One of the lessons from Dovile is a very very fundamental rule when you’re working on your brand. Determine who your target audience is  🎯. Try to put yourself in their shoes and think about what they need to see in their feed. Which are the things that you do that could cover their needs?

3. Rob Napoli – When you’re out of ideas for content, ENGAGE!

Rob Napoli is an accomplished trainer, speaker, entrepreneur, and podcast host, based in Brooklyn, NYC. He was with us in episode #117 for an inspiring discussion on how to Leverage Your Personal Brand as a Founder. 
Probably most of you struggle to constantly come up with ideas for your posts, and there just never seems to be enough content. Rob provides us with an elegant and simple solution – engage 💡.  If you want something your gonna have to give it first, so you need to make people feel you’re all around the place and engage with their posts. Comment, share, and start a discussion. This will make your name appear more and more in results.

4. Raya Drenski – Go out of your bubble

There are moments when we all feel stuck like we can’t achieve anything. But the truth is that for you to reach another milestone, you need to get out of your comfort zone. Get out of your bubble, and your usual surroundings, try to look at things from a different angle and provoke yourself. You might find it liberating. 
This is the lesson Raya Drenski shared with us when she was on the podcast for episode #110 – Brand like a GIRL ✊. Raya is a brand strategist, mentor, and co-founder of a startup consultancy and several consumer brands. She believes that a better elaborate brand helps a company or a person thrive! So for more ideas about your personal brand, go listen to the full episode.

5. Collin Mitchell – Consider starting a podcast

An often neglected means of creating content (exactly the one that brought us all these lessons here) is #podcasting. How cool is being able to book some of the most successful leaders on the planet and have about an hour to ask them all the questions on your mind? Not to mention how much content you can get out of just a single episode. 🎙
Collin Mitchell was here with us on episode #124 and he took us on a journey with hundreds of lessons, examples, and know-how on Using Podcasting As a Tool For Growth. In this video, he shares some Dos and Don’ts for those of you who are considering starting your own podcast.

We hope these lessons were useful for you and your personal brand. And don’t forget, sometimes you just need to be bold and go for it. Make that post on #LinkedIn 🚀, share what inspires you, invite someone for a coffee, and soon enough you’ll realize that you’ve gained enough confidence in yourself to be of help to others.🚀

Published by: Stoyan Yankov


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