5 tips for Individuals and Businesses Willing to Address Climate Change
Published on: August 1, 2022

When it comes to businesses, failure to address the topic of climate change and sustainability, and inaction to reduce the damage companies do to the planet and its people, may be to their detriment. Lubomila Jordanova – founder of Plan A for the Planet and a recent guest on the Productivity Mastery podcast, helps businesses make better decisions on this matter.

By utilizing both technology and science, Plan A helps companies to commit to climate action, improve their ESG performance, and take the correct measures to reduce their carbon emissions.

Inspired by Plan A’s rapid growth and Lubomila’s ability to find the perfect balance between building a thriving business and combating climate change, we decided to extract some of the learnings and productivity tips Lubomila shared during her appearance on Productivity Mastery podcast’s episode #90! Therefore, if you want to learn how to connect purpose and business, how to stay productive, and take care of your team along the way, and also be inspired on the things you can do about climate change, keep reading.

In this article, inspired by Lubomila’s mission and her passion, we decided to share a few tips for the individuals and businesses willing to address climate change.

1. Educate yourself on the topic

When it comes to Lubomila, continuously educating herself on the topic of climate change is one of her biggest priorities and as we saw in the previous section, she invests 20% of her time in “environmental literacy.” Investing in knowledge and understanding the risks, threats, and opportunities for dealing with global warming is greatly important for business leaders. As Lubomila noted: “studying science is not a condition for anyone to engage with the topic of climate change.” Citizens, businesses, and leaders can gain free and easy access to information and materials that can help them better understand the consequences of their choices and actions. In this way, companies become more mindful when defining, for instance, their business models, they are aware of ways to reshape their operations and mitigate their impacts on the planet.

2. Businesses: Pay attention to the growing demand for sustainable products

Over the past few years, it has become increasingly important for consumers around the world to support sustainable production and to turn to companies that are socially conscious and in alignment with their values. Businesses need to understand that these sustainability concerns will continue to rise, and meeting their customers’ expectations should become their priority. Studies have also shown that when it comes to younger generations, such as Millennials and Generation Z, and their purchasing choices, how sustainable and purpose-driven a company is greatly influences their preferences. 

3. Be cautious of the way you spend your money

A great piece of advice that Lubomila shared is to gain control over our spending and pay close attention to the companies we choose to support through our purchases. From the furniture we pick when designing our apartment to our fashion choices – it is important that we spend some time researching those companies’ sustainability plans and get informed about their action/inaction to protect the planet.

4. Use your voting power

Voting is one of the greatest privileges we have. Our freedom to vote on a country level, as well as the opportunity to vote on a European level, for EU citizens, is a chance for us to create a more sustainable future and to support policies that will make a positive environmental impact. As Lubomila explained, politicians and political parties have a strong influence and budgets, thus a big say in the policy agendas and priorities when it comes to the environment.

 “Stepping into a voting booth and taking the environment into account when voting is essential for combating the climate crisis.”

5. Your workplace matters

We spend one-third of our lives at work, thus when choosing our next employer, we should carefully consider many factors. For Lubomila, companies are a significant part of the solution to global warming and when deciding where to work, it might be a good idea to research beforehand the company’s sustainability activities. Employers, like any other stakeholder, have the responsibility to address climate change or at least give their employees the freedom to experiment and be proactive, and creative when it comes to this topic at work. All in all, we all have to participate to get the ball rolling, now, in the right direction. Let’s do our part, shall we? 

Did you find the topic interesting? If you want to learn more about Lubomila and her Berlin-based company Plan A, check out the whole episode!

Published by: Stoyan Yankov


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