Monday Productive #14 with Alex Huditan
Published on: November 28, 2021

It’s Monday again and it’s time to start the week with a good energy! 

Monday Productive is a weekly interview format, featuring peak-performers from my network, who share 5 quick ideas on how to boost your productivity and stay at the top of your game.

Today’s guest is Alex Huditan. He is an Entrepreneur, Investor, World Traveller, and Mango Juice Lover. He radically changed his life and his beliefs 6 years ago, going from a cubicle job in Bucharest to now owning multiple 7 figure companies and enjoying a real 4-hour workweek. Two years ago, Alex started teaching the Amazon FBA business model, the same model that made him financially free, to thousands around the world.


1. Alex, my man! You are living today a life of freedom. But it hasn’t always been like that. What triggered you to make a change? What habits and beliefs did you have to acquire to break through and start living the dream?

▶ Hey Stoyan! You’re right, it wasn’t always like this. Six years ago I was working in a cubicle in Bucharest for a big corporation. Had a nice car, nice job, beautiful girlfriend, going on vacation 4 times per year, etc. Thought I had it all. But I wasn’t feeling free or fulfilled.Had chosen the ‘safe way’ and it was eating me from the inside. The change was a process, it didn’t happen overnight.

Two big triggers for me were:

✅ Meeting my now-good friend David

✅ Going on my 1st Vipassana retreat.

Met David very randomly. He was the same age as me, but living a totally different life. Had a huge villa in the South of Spain, all the toys I wanted, had traveled the world, had 4 businesses that he started without any money and was happy to share with those interested his ‘secrets’. Just seeing that something like this is possible, made me a lot more confident that I can do it too.

The Vipassana retreat (a 10 day silent meditation retreat) was great, because it helped me to silence the noise in my head, to become more aware of the stories I was telling myself about myself and to develop an ability to focus on what I really want.

So I took responsibility for my happiness. What does that mean? I stopped blaming the world or situations, I stopped waiting for my mom or my friends to help me unconditionally, I stopped making excuses. It started with observing the voice in my head, how I talk with others and how I do anything. Then came the acceptance of my situation. With good and bad. I had a story of why for every negative thing and realized, I can always change my thoughts and my attitude.

With responsibility came a feeling of freedom. I know I’m the creator of my life, not a spectator. So I started creating. Went to a lot of events and workshops, developed great relationships, began learning about business, put into practice what I’ve learned, helped others with what I know and sooner than I thought, I was living my ideal life.

2. You’ve built multiple businesses. What does your day look like today? How involved you are still in the operations of the business?

▶ One of the things I appreciate most about how my life is designed right now, is that I don’t have a schedule. I wake up whenever I want, without an alarm.

I have a few morning habits like meditation and hot/cold shower and then everyday is different. I can go to the beach or on adventures, meet with friends or just be alone, listening to audiobooks and podcasts or just daydreaming. These days I’m excited about building a new program and community around connection, lifestyle and impact with my friend David.

For my Amazon business I work less than 1 hour per week. For the courses about selling on Amazon it depends if we are doing a launch or not. It can get busy with webinars and answering many questions from students on the group. I see these periods as sprints and then I take long breaks from working on anything.

3. How do you decide on how to spend your time? Could you share your system for planning and prioritisation? 

▶ Besides the launches of the online courses or different events I want to attend or host, I don’t have a system or plan. Learned to listen to my intuition and I do what feels good in that moment. And then I do the next thing. And so on

4. You are travelling the world now. And you are often joining high-end mastermind groups and networks (running some yourself). How does that contribute to your growth? Is it worth the investment? 

▶ There’s a saying, I forget by whom: “Poor people focus on hard work, rich people focus on network. Couldn’t have done, what I’ve done so far without the help of the people around me. My friend David used to tell me: “Fastest way to change your life: change your friends”. Thought he was a cold hearted bastard without friends

Well, fast forward a few years and I couldn’t agree more. Think, it’s called group expectation and that’s one of the reasons I enjoy so much going to high level events or masterminds and feeling sometimes the stupidest in the room. I get amazingly motivated and inspired by what others are doing. Life is long. How I show up, my integrity and my willingness to learn and share what I know allows me to win in the long run. Don’t know any better investment than relationships.

5. Finally – how do you stay at the top of your game? What habits and personal rituals do practice to keep yourself sharp and productive? 

▶ I’ve integrated meditation as a habit in my life for a few years now and can see and feel the transformation it brought. I’ve been focusing on what I eat, on exercise and quality of sleep too. I see all these interconnected with how I feel or how sharp I can be.

Exploration, adventure and novelty are important to me. That’s why I travel so much.

Also like my downtime. Allowing myself to be non productive feels great. Life is better when my inside voice is my friend, not my critic


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