Monday Productive #37 with Dovile Urbanaite
Published on: November 28, 2021

Monday Productive is a weekly interview format, featuring peak-performers from my network, who share 5 quick ideas on how to boost your productivity and stay at the top of your game.

Today’s guest is Dovile Urbanaite. Dovile is a business & personal branding coach for women who want to start, grow and scale their business and personal brand using social media. She is also a founder of leading Tenerife wedding planning agency Barefoot Bride. Besides her businesses, she is a huge women-in-business supporter and her self-development and career-driven women community She Is Glowing already unites over 20,000 women in just over 1 year.

1. Happy Monday, Dovile! Imagine you’ve had a very productive day. What made it so for you? 

▶ Hello there! Yes, the day has been great so far and I am feeling very much on – track thanks to new habits that I have developed in 2020. My life has absolutely transformed when I started batching tasks that I need to do weekly and daily. As somebody who has two businesses and other work-related projects (such as my community’s management and various brand collaborations), I used to constantly switch from task to task trying to do it all. As a result, I used to feel constantly overwhelmed and one day, I decided it is time to change it for good. Now, my daily and weekly agenda is very well organised. Tuesdays are Thursdays are for consultations and calls, Mondays – for admin tasks, emails, proposals and invoices. Friday is all about content creation and social media, etc. I really enjoy planning my days this way because it means that I no longer have to constantly switch my tasks – it is very exhausting for the brain.

2. How do you decide what to focus on? Do you have a system or process for strategic planning of your priorities as well as day to day time management? 

▶ This is also something I learned in the last year. I write down all the tasks which I need to do and evaluate them carefully – the key is to understand what tasks will actually “move the needle” in your business and what is just “busy work”. This helps me to understand what should take up the majority of my time and then I time-block these tasks into my calendar to make sure they will 100% get done. I know exactly what day and what time I will be doing these tasks and nothing else can fill that time. Surely, focus always should be on revenue-generating activities. I have a list of things that I need to do daily and weekly to ensure my businesses will continue bringing in new clients. These are my non-negotiables. I am a  believer in working not only in your business but also ON your business – this means taking time to step back, see the bigger picture, then create processes, systems and delegate if and when applicable.

3. What are the components of effective personal branding? What has been a game-changer for you on your journey of building a brand online?

▶ In my opinion, it all comes down to a couple of things. First one – clarity. It is really important to get clear on what direction you want to go and how you want to be perceived by others. I see most of my clients struggling to build their personal brand because they simply don’t have answers to these questions. Everything matters – when somebody comes across you online, they really need to understand who are you, how you can help, what you offer, what is your visual identity, tone of voice etc. You have just a few seconds to win your potential client over – is your social presence is presenting you in a way that makes your potential client click that “contact me” button? If your answer is “no” or “not sure”, then there is work to be done. 

Once you gain the clarity, the other few things often stopping people from developing their personal brand is seeking perfectionism and self-doubt. They are scared to show up, own their story, tell their story and connecting with their audience. Or they think that they need the best equipment and amazing post-production to create some valuable content. This is 100% not true. Just last week, I went LIVE on Instagram simply holding my phone in my hand, sitting in front of the window and talking with my audience. This resulted in dozens of new clients who signed up to work with me! That’s because they liked my content & connected with me as a person, regardless of poor lighting or my shaky hand (laughing). Just put yourself out there!

4. You’re a founder of “She is Glowing” – a community of more than 20,000 driven and ambitious women. What are the main challenges in front of the modern woman? 

▶ Self-doubt really is a big one. During most of my consultations with various clients, I notice the same – women don’t only need a business or personal brand strategy, they equally as much also need support and encouragement. They worry that they are not “experts enough” or that their friends or family won’t support them. So my role is not just coach and consultant them but also to cheerlead them. Many women also struggle with selling – they feel that selling is “not for them”. This is so not true – if you have an amazing service or product to sell, it is your responsibility to make sure that it will reach as many people as possible! 

5. Achievement vs Fulfilment? Is it possible to have both? How does one find their own balance, their own “sweet spot” of living a meaningful and productive life? 

▶ When starting a business, I never think just about the financial side of the business. Actually, quite the opposite – I think about what I would like to do and what would give me fulfilment and then – how I could monetise it. I started my wedding business with a pure desire and dream to plan such a special day in a paradise island Tenerife, where I lived back then. I did it without any experience, straight after uni and learned and invested in my education and growth so much. Then at some stage, as I discovered how much my life has positively changed since I started my business, I began to feel the urge to encourage other women to do the same and I so started She Is Glowing. Finally, now I want to share my learnings and experience with others and so I started my coaching and consulting. There is a massive fulfilment in everything I do – and so, regardless of countless working hours, I truly feel that is my “sweet spot”. 

[BONUS] Name one to three books that helped you most to build your business?

▶ If you deal with any humans, you really need to read Nonviolent Communication” by Marshall B. Rosenberg – it is THE book to solve any conflict situation or turn a disappointed customer into a happy one. To get business processes leaner and more automated, I suggest “Build To Sell” (John Warrilow). I also love “Principles” by Ray Dalio – so timeless advice there. 


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Stoyan co-developed the #perform methodology together with Cristobal Alonso (CEO, Startup Wise Guys), applied in hundreds of startup team across Europe. Together they are finishing the book: PERFORM – The Unsexy Truth about (Startup) Success, including cases and examples from the best startup founders in #NewEurope.

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