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PERFORM – The Unsexy Truth About (Startup) Success

What if we shared a proven recipe that can increase your likelihood of startup success to 50%, instead of just 10%?

PERFORM – The Unsexy Truth about (Startup) Success is a book about the extra mile startups need to go in order to turn into a well-oiled machine. UNsexy tips, stories, and interviews that will later help you master the sexy part. Since we believe that visualization and examples are key elements of success, we have included lots of graphs, tools, strategies, and case studies from successful startup founders and thought leaders from the New Europe region. 

A book that will show you entrepreneurs’ real struggles that turned into success stories. No magical results, just PERFORM-ance.


Cristobal Alonso

Cristobal is an experienced serial entrepreneur (3x CEO), serial early-stage investor (150+ investments), and global executive (leading teams and projects up to 500 people). Cristobal leads as CEO , “el Patron” of Startup Wise Guys. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and is serving as Spain’s INSEAD Alumni Association President and President of INSEAD Global Entrepreneurship Club.

Stoyan Yankov

Stoyan is an entrepreneur, productivity & performance coach and a global keynote speaker, who personally coached over 400 teams in 30+ countries to create more productive and mindful team cultures by applying the PERFORM Methodology. Stoyan is also the host of the podcast Productivity Mastery and a managing partner at Samodiva Mastermind.

The Story Behind Perform

Hello there,
And welcome to the PERFORM community.

Cristobal and Stoyan here, at your service! The journey of creating PERFORM started back in 2016. We both met at a startup event in Aarhus, Denmark. At that time, Stoyan was a video and movie producer, transitioning to a career of a professional speaker and productivity coach, and Cristobal was recently appointed a CEO of Startup Wise Guys, Europe’s leading B2B Startup accelerator. Soon after, Stoyan visited the SWG batch in Riga, Latvia, and since that day has remained the Startup Wise Guys’ lead coach in productivity & performance. One thing strongly in common is our passion for strong culture, values and productivity. The PERFORM methodology was born out of necessity. As our friend Luis Villa Del Campo likes to say: “It’s an operating system”. It provides a bird-eye of your company from a perspective of culture and performance. It is practical, tested and based on real-life examples. 

Cristobal and Stoyan

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