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What if you had one place where you can listen to the untold stories of some of the most accomplished and inspiring leaders in the world?
In this podcast, productivity & performance coach, Stoyan Yankov, welcomes:

🎙 Unicorn founders & entrepreneurs,
🎙 Top-level executives from leading companies,
🎙 Best-selling authors & experts,
🎙 And many other extraordinary individuals!

You will learn their best habits, strategies and mindsets and hear compelling conversations around #Performance, #Leadership, #Entrepreneurship, #PersonalDevelopment and #TeamCulture.
Let’s master the art of mindful productivity together.
Tune in and enjoy the journey!

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My personal experience as a global speaker, performance & productivity coach, and author has helped me to build connections with numerous influential and successful people, which all had one thing in common – their urge to continue growing and getting better. That is why I started the Productivity Mastery podcast – to share their experience, expertise, and personal insights around productivity and performance to support you on your journey of becoming the most productive version of yourself.

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