Thank you for joining the PERFORM REFRESH workshop and the follow-up 1-1 team sessions! :rocket:



1) Listen to Productivity Mastery Podcast  🎧
Includes interviews with guests such as the Founder of Reebok, the former president of Starbucks, David Allen (GTD), and many more.

2) Get a copy of the PERFORM book

Co-authored with Cristobal Alonso, it includes examples and practical tools from 50+ successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders from our region (NewEurope).

Join a community of entrepreneurs and growth mindset leaders, and let’s learn and grow together.

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Additionally on the topic of focus and meditation, I would recommend that app: Functional music designed to help you focus better. (I use it all the time, probably including now). If you enjoy it yourself, you can get a 20% discount using promo code: stoyan.
(As a partner I will get a small commission as well).


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